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Module 1: Mindset For Success

In this module, we'll look at the mindset strategies used by the top performers in business, sports and entertainment that will help propel you to greater online success faster.

You'll get access to resources that will help produce a bulletproof mindset.

Module 2: What is OPC?

In this module, we'll pull back the curtain of this little known yet highly profitable method, OPC - Other People's Courses.

We all know eLearning courses offer massive potential as they enable anyone to tap-into the multi-BILLION dollar eLearning industry.

However, creating your own courses is timely, costly and not everyone wants to get in front of the camera and/ or train others via video. OPC enables anyone to licence Other People's Courses, rebrand, launch and PROFIT for a fraction of the cost and time.

Module 3: Where to find OPC's

Next, we'll show you EXACTLY where to find OPC's that are in demand right now, and how to licence them so you can resell the high-quality courses and keep 100% of the profits!

Module 4: How To KNOW What OPC's To Sell

It's great licencing a course; however, it's even BETTER when you know EXACTLY what courses people are looking to buy right now.

In this module, we share a ninja-trick that reveals a foolproof way to uncover the most in-demand courses so you can shortcut your route to success.

Module 5: Why You Should Host Your Own Courses

You may have heard of UDEMY or Skillshare, what you may not know is these platforms are actually taking a huge chunk of your profits every time you sell your courses.

Hosting your own courses means you get to keep 100% of the profits 100% of the time!

Its easier than you think and it gives you total control of your eLearning OPC business.

Module 6: My Recommended Platform

I've sold OPC's courses using many platforms over the years; until recently MOST of my successful courses were hosted on Wordpress Sites using expensive hosting and 3rd party membership software.

In this eye-opening module, I share my platform of choice that saves me hundreds of dollars each month, saves hours of frustration and is super-simple to use.

Module 7: Set Yourself Up For Success

They say "success leaves clues," so I'll be sharing the exact step-by-step process I follow that ensures my OPC courses are optimised for maximum profits with minimum effort.

This means you'll be able to make more while working less!

Module 8: Promote Your OPC's By Word Of Mouth

Investing in high-ticket OPC's is a fantastic business model; however, if no one knows about your courses they won't be able to buy.

This module shows a simple, no salesy stratgey that brings a flood of people hungry to buy your OPC courses.

It's Stupidly Simple, yet very, very POWERFUL.

Module 9: Promoting Using Facebook Marketing

There will come a time where you'll want to scale and find an even bigger audience of potential buyers, this module walks you through the process of using Facbook marketing to uncover your ideal customers.

However, there's more to this than simply "boosting a post". This module will reveal some do's and dont's that will ensure your ads are compliant and you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Module 10: How To Get Started Today!

We've said OPC's allows anyone to launch a highly profitable eLearning course FAST, here we'll show you how you can get started as fast as today.

Within a few short hours, you'll have your first OPC course ready to share with the world. No longer will it take weeks or even months to create and launch an online course, following this module will enable you to have your course ready to make sales as fast as today.

The only question that remains...

Is how soon you'll be enjoying the new lifestyle you now want?

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